Students in Labs

A sense of belonging in the physics department

Possible selves after graduation

Students in Labs: This project attempts to qualitatively measure equity in an advanced physics lab through students interactions when they work together on a physics experiment. Through the lens of two theoretical constructions: inchargeness and perceived expertise, we conducted group observations to examine the extent to which a group work composed of three students represented equity or inequity. For more details of this project, check our ICLS paper and our prepared draft.

Community of Practice in the Physics Department: This project is our preliminary project for a larger project aiming to improve departmental culture to increase students' sense of belonging. The project interviewed double-major students in physics and one of education, math, computer science majors and asked for their perceptions of their departmental cultures that might foster or inhibit students' sense of community and belonging. We have taken up the theory of community of practice to qualitatively analyze students' narration. To read more about our findings, check our ICLS paper or our prepared draft.

Possible selves after graduation: This project is aiming to support students to develop their professional identity while being an undergraduate student. We are interested in understanding how students develop a future sense of self and what factors play a role in that development. Employing the theory of future possible self to analyze students' interviews about their perceptions of possible selves has revealed that physics content and courses are not sufficient to support students' possible self development. You can find our preliminary findings at PERC paper.